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Legacy Leisure Community Grant Form​

Legacy Leisure operates leisure facilities in local communities and are committed to supporting activities within the locality which improve health and wellbeing through sport and leisure. Local organisations are invited to submit funding applications up to £500 per applicant to deliver events, training, coaching, start-up organisations and any other activity which delivers tangible benefits to the local community. If you wish to apply for funding from your local Legacy Leisure centre, please follow the guidelines below and submit the online application form. You may also print the form and return to your local Centre Manager.


Legacy Leisure is a non-profit charitable organisation committed to providing a diverse and meaningful range of leisure and culture related activities for the local communities we serve.

As a charity, Legacy Leisure is able to reinvest generated surplus funds back into the facilities for developments and improvements. Upon application, Legacy Leisure is also able to make grants available to individuals for specific community based activities that will improve quality of life or assist with the attainment of personal goals within sport and leisure.

How much can be applied for?

Legacy Leisure currently offers a fund of up to £500 per applicant. Final funds allocated are subject to application and will be based on the selection criteria outlined below.

Assessment criteria

The criteria to apply for funding support will take into account the following:

    1. Relevance of the application based on participation in sport and physical activities that promote a healthy and improved lifestyle, or develop enhanced quality of life for the applicant or community at large.
    2. Evidence that the fund will be used to aid the attainment of personal or team goals in sports and leisure.
    3. Public benefit may accrue from supporting the activities and/or developing the individual applicants. For instance, coaches and instructors that inspire and motivate participants to develop a lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.
    4. Evidence that the fund will support the applicant and that the applicant has raised additional funds to supplement this grant.
    5. Evidence that the application will be fulfilled within the calendar year and that the outcomes can be clearly measured or evaluated.
    6. Surety that the applicant can demonstrate plans to sustain the results for the foreseeable future in order to enable the obtainment of long term benefits.
    7. The application must include an outline of the financials involved and a breakdown of the costs, timescales and any other sources of funding being utilised for the project or fund.
    8. Commitment to provide feedback in the form of a report to include (if possible) imagery, financial summary and the outcomes achieved. The applicant must be willing to engage in PR activities that demonstrate the allocation of funds from Legacy Leisure and where these funds have been used to benefit and support the community or individuals within the community.
    9. Applicants’ use of Legacy Leisure facilities and likely impact of grant funding on the communities that we currently work with to support.
Please note that all applications must show sustainability, inclusion & diversity and include the benefit to the community as a whole. Things such as sports clothing and any facility hire/coaching that is paid back into Legacy Leisure will not be considered for approval but equipment, training & coaching qualifications will. 
Applicants must be an organisation/club to be eligible and not an individual. 

Additional Information and Funding Restrictions

Due to the strict rules surrounding Charitable Trusts, successful fund applications cannot be used for the following activities:

  1. Illegal or immoral activities.
  2. Activities that promote or are associated with restricted organisations such as gambling establishments, tobacco, alcohol, or companies that have a sexual association or connotation.
  3. Activities that may be deemed dangerous or high risk to those involved or spectating.
  4. Activities that cannot be measured for success.
  5. Activities that do not benefit the local community at large or its individual members.
  6. Grants are not normally awarded retrospectively.
  7. Legacy Leisure takes each application on its own merits.
  8. Applicants must be a resident in one of our site’s local authority catchment areas

* At the trustees’ discretion,applications up to £1,000 may be considered if full match funding can be demonstrated. Please indicate on the form if you have already have some funding in place.

**Applications are considered on a quarterly basis by the Board of Trustees. Applications run January-March, April – June, July –September, October- December each year.