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Case Studies

North Northants Gymnastics Club Community Grant Fund

An affiliation ongoing since the 1990s, Legacy Leisure and Desborough Leisure Centre have stepped up to support North Northants Gymnastics Club with a donation of £500.
The funding from Legacy Leisure will have a specific focus on continuing to train gymnast coaches to the required standard and purchasing new equipment.

Kettering Amateur Swimming Club Community Grant Fund

The UK sits as a country proud of producing competitive swimming athletes – Adam Peaty, Rebecca Adlington and Ellie Simmonds to name a few. Legacy Leisure have supported the club in bringing through the next generation of competitive swimmers by granting £500 to the club. The money has been used to purchase two Pace Clocks.

Seth Norman Community Grant Fund

Speedway, a form of motorsport held on clay or dirt surfaced oval race tracks. A sport that requires high concentration, technique, determination and an element of risk to reach the top. Seth Norman, from Banbury, is a British ranked junior speedway rider. The funding from Legacy Leisure will pay for vital protective equipment such as a new protective neck brace and a new race helmet.

Byfield Cricket Club Community Grant

There aren’t too many better sites and atmospheres than the sun beaming down in the evening on a local cricket club, with young children finding the love for a British game. The grant from Legacy Leisure has allowed the club to purchase a portable cricket net. The fact that the net is portable is a huge advantage, in that it is easily transportable to the wicket from the storage space.

Thatcham Tornadoes Community Grant Fund

Football is the UK’s most popular sport. The Football Association has a standpoint of making the sport as inclusive as possible, with Disability Football high on the agenda. Legacy Leisure has awarded The Thatcham Tornadoes £500 to the club in recognition of the impact on the local community.

Hornets RFC Chiefs Community Grant Fund

Sitting as one of the UK’s most popular sports, Rugby is competed amongst 195,000 people in the country and children fall in love with the game from a young age. Legacy Leisure is committed to supporting the local community in health and sporting endeavours.

Phoenix Lacrosse Club Community Grant Fund

Lacrosse. Not your traditional English sport after its origination from our American friends. But that doesn’t stop approximately 18,000 people across the UK from participating in it and more importantly having a passion for it. Legacy Leisure’s ongoing commitment to supporting local communities in health and sport sprung into action to help set up the club. A pledge of £430 was made to help with start-up costs such as buying equipment and providing umpire training.