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Vision and Values


It is the Vision of Legacy Leisure to inspire communities into active, healthy and fulfilling lifestyles that are culturally alert and ethically aware. This will be achieved through a varied programme that will include recreational activities, cultural events, educational schemes and competitive opportunities. At the very core of our philosophy lies engagement and outreach. Engagement with the communities that we already serve and outreach to the wider community not yet accessed. Legacy Leisure will provide an open and accessible service to all, through effective programming and marketing of products with a diverse appeal, reflecting the wide demographic blend of our modern day communities. Legacy Leisure will aspire to be the hub of the community, a trustworthy and dependable focal point for social, recreational and cultural enlightenment and fulfilment.


  1. Engage: To connect with communities through outreach programmes, to offer a warm and genuine welcome to every participant and to ensure that customer care is at the heart of everything that we do, to support and motivate our patrons.
  2. Inspire: To provide pathways for personal sports development from entry level to elite sports performance where desirable.
  3. Educate To educate communities in the extensive benefits of physical activity and healthier living to prolong lifetimes and minimise the impact of health related illness. To positively impact on the wellbeing of communities by providing educational courses on smoking cessation, diabetes, blood pressure, obesity and physical inactivity. To provide a range of arts and culture focussed activities that will inspire, stimulate and provoke new interest.
  4. Participate: To provide sporting opportunities for participation at every level, from beginners, intermediate, recreational through to elite and to ensure our facilities are inclusive & accessible to all.
  5. Enhance lifestyles: To contribute towards a healthier nation with reduced child and adult obesity, where the community members are encouraged to lead more active and healthier lifestyles to improve health and well being, to create activity pathways for the over 50 population to minimise the impact of illness later in life. To encourage more active and healthier lifestyles that will lead to a better quality of life. To deliver programmes that not only increase active participation, but improve on social welfare by creating a network of support for participants.
  6. Supporting our local communities: By making available grant funds for community groups, clubs and individuals on application, that will support local initiatives and personal sporting or physical activity goals which would otherwise not be possible through other means.


  1. Excellent customer care: To ensure every customer is treated courteously with respect, attention and care. To provide clean, safe and appropriately maintained facilities.
  2. Socially responsible: To take a positive lead in ensuring people from different backgrounds respect and interact together. To lead by example by providing inspirational employment opportunities to all.
  3. Ethically responsible: To minimise our carbon footprint by being environmentally responsible, maintaining good housekeeping practices and caring for our environment.
  4. Attracting hard to reach groups: To develop a programme that specifically targets hard to reach and minority groups such as the disabled, ethnic or diverse backgrounds, over 50’s, children and inactive people. To provide a range of initiatives that increase opportunities for participation in these demographics.
  5. Awareness: Raise awareness of the opportunities for sport, leisure and cultural interaction within local communities through effective marketing and PR strategies, targeted towards the local population.
  6. Create Loyalty: To ensure all Legacy Leisure products inspire customers to continue with positive lifestyle changes. To support maintained interest and commitment to these lifestyles by providing suitable and accessible facilities delivered to a high standard. To ensure facilities, activities and products are available during each visit, and to promote follow up visits.To consistently offer high quality services, diverse programmes and accessible facilities that the local community feels proud of and that keeps participants engaged over a sustained period of time.
  7. Developing People: To encourage and motivate our staff to be the best in the business. To offer career and personal development opportunities through comprehensive training and succession planning. To deliver volunteer and apprenticeship programmes to create employment opportunities in the local community though partnerships with local schools, colleges and other education centres.